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I took all of its genre conventions for granted.

Map of the Territory

Well, of course! Dorothy is transported to a magical land?

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I was so grateful that this unique, perfect thing existed that I never questioned anything about it. Once I became smitten with old Hollywood and learned more about film in general, I was overwhelmed with a new, deeper appreciation for Oz.

What's Behind a Horse of a Different Color? – The Horse

While it is easy to describe all old movies as charmingly old-fashioned because of their age, it is unbelievably shortsighted, as Oz proves. The film still feels exciting because no other film looks or sounds like it.

Horse of a Different Color: Stories

The premise is so fantastical, the situations are so bizarre, and the mise-en-scene is so outrageous that it is hard to believe that a studio as mainstream as MGM was willing to develop such a project. From the minute producer David O. But The Wizard of Oz? Professor Gellar theories could go either way at this point. It's TOO suspicious that no one else has acknowledged his presence, especially that waitress, but it also seems TOO elaborate to have all been in Travis' mind.

The Saddle Club - Horse of a Different Color Part I and Part 2 - Saddle Club Season 2 - Full Episode

But Dexter is definitely going to undergo some self-examination in the coming episodes, so stay tuned! Kevin, do you by any chance know the name of the song playing in Angel's car as he and Quinn are passing the joint back and forth?

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  • A Horse of a Different Color.

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A Horse of a Different Color Divides Denver

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