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We discuss both spontaneous and motivated processes in both emotional expression and recognition. We also discuss cultural differences that can arise at multiple stages of the emotion process beyond emotional expression and recognition. Namely, individuals across groups can respond differently to nonverbal cues of emotion, which involves differences in the subjective interpretation of events via cognitive appraisal, differences in internal experience, and differences in emotion regulation. These, in turn, can influence accuracy in judging emotion cues across cultures.

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Get access Buy the print book. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Log in Register. Export citation. Summary Abstract Classic studies by Ekman and Izard provided early evidence for the cross-cultural universality of emotion recognition, through a set of studies that were later examined from the perspective of the cultural differences they also reveal. Recommend this book. Edited by Judith A. Optional message. Abu-Lughod , L. Veiled sentiments: Honor and poetry in a Bedouin society. Berkeley : University of California Press. An ingroup advantage for confidence in emotion recognition judgments: The moderating effect of familiarity with the expressions of outgroup members.

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