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Region Economy : Socio-economic problems of the region, 1, Toxanova, Aigul, Zhakupova, Shaharbanu Weaver, K. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 12 1 , Zhubanazar A. Assanov, Abat Sh. Pangereyev, Mira R. Baltymova, Bayan T. Borash, and Elmira T. Today we know that the heroic epos "Edigey" remained among the Turkic people living in the south from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Siberia, as well as in foreign countries: Turkey and Romania.

Therefore, a narrow study is not enough for in-depth analysis of the nature of the epic. The archaic and contemporary versions of the epic, the diversity of its national versions contribute significantly to the study of the dynamics of the epic tradition of literature of Turkic-speaking people. The general laws of these phenomena in science were determined through a comparative analysis. However, a similar study of national versions of the epic, in our opinion, is currently being implemented or not implemented not so often. The development of this topic also meets the objectives of the state program "Cultural Heritage".

It reveals the attitude of Turkic people to described historical realities, shows the impact of these events on the worldview of the Turks. Asfendiyarov, D.

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The past of Kazakhstan in written sources of the period from V century B. Almaty: Olke. Clavijo, R. The history of the great Tamerlane. Tamerlane the Lord of Eurasia. Grekov, B. The Golden Horde and its fall. Moscow-Leningrad: Nauka. Gumilev, L. From Rus to Russia. Moscow: AST. Ancient Rus and the Great Steppe. Hasanoglu, T.

Turan: Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi, 8 29 , Hopkin, D. Legends of the Caucasus, by David Hunt. The English Historical Review , 5 , Hozhabergenov, R. Kijas varianty Variant of Qiyas. Nokis: Karakalpakstan. Karakalpak language. Ibatullina, G. Kabbalistic Myth and Its Interpretation in A.

Kuprin's Story Sulamith. Ibn Arabshah. Miracles of predestination in the fate of Tamerlane. History of Kazakhstan in Arab sources Vol. Almaty: Publishing house "Dajk -Press". Ishbulatov, M.

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From the depths of centuries. Kazan: Tatar Book Publishing House. Jakubovsky, A. Almaty: "Kochevniki" "Nomads". Kaskabasov, S. Zhanazyk Food for reflection. Astana: Audarma. Mizun, Ju. Khans and princes. Moscow: Vega. Niles, J. Journal of American Folklore , , Nurgaliev, R. Architecture Vol. Alma-Ata: Ch. Kazakh Soviet Encyclopedia. Reichl, K. Safargaliev, M. The collapse of the Golden Horde.

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Saransk: Yurtaali. Sharaf al-Din, A. Tashkent: Sanat. Zhirmunsky, V. Turkic heroic epic. Leningrad: Nauka. Comparative literary studies: East and West. Leningrad: Science. Kirill S. Ivanov, Yuriy V. Erokhin, Vladimir S. Ponomarev, Olga E. It is established that a large part of the protolith of the metamorphic depth in the Shaim-Kuznetsov meganticlinorium contained sedimentary late - and middle-Devonian rocks million years. Probably, greywackes served as a substrate of metamorphic rocks substrate, which were formed largely in the erosion of ophiolitic association rocks.

The U-Pb method helped to specify late carbonic age of granite plutons composing the Shaim-Kuznetsov meganticlinorium. It turns out that the kernels of anticlinoria are not Precambrian blocks, but Paleozoic magmatic and metamorphic complexes, i. In the Eastern part of Western Siberia, the tectonic zoning of the basement of East Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous district is held and 8 submeridional structural-formational zones are determined with different sets and structure of composing formations, history of geological development and physical regions.

Keywords: West-Siberia, geological map of the basement, metamorphic rocks, granite, U-Pb age. The Geographic Information System for Everyone. Bochkarev, V.

Gornye Vedomosti , 8, Geologiya i Geofizika , 44 , Gornye Vedomosti , 7, Bogush, O. Russia: Nauka. Buslov, M. Doklady Earth Sciences , 2 , Dobretsov, N. Eliseev, V. Elkin, E. Stratigraphy of Siberia Oil and Gas Basins. Paleozoic West Siberia. Russia: Geo. Proceedings of the Scientific Conference, pp.

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Russia: SibSAC. Ergaliev, G. Geologiya Kazakhstana , , Fedorov, Yu.

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Doklady Earth Sciences, 5 , Ivanov, K. Doklady Earth Sciences , 3 , Gornye Vedomosti , 85 6 , Uralides in the structure of the Western Siberia basement. Gornye Vedomosti , 27 8 , Lithosphera , 3, Koshevoy, V. Lithosphera , 2, Russian Geology and Geophysics , 50 4 , Iwata, K.

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News of Osaka Micropaleontologists , 10, Kontorovich, A. Pre-Yenisei oil and gas sub province — a promising new object oil and gas exploration in Siberia. In: Geodynamic evolution of the lithosphere of the Central Asian mobile belt from the ocean to the continent.