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But should any leave that task to be the last, he may be said to have cunningly learnt to put his cloak on after the Rain. Barthelemy, 7 vols. Joseph John Gurney, Earlham," to whom these belonged. Charles II. Autograph of Cares. Rotterdam, An Answer to Bossuet's Hist. Book Plate of Lord Walpole of Woolterton.

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Exeierpta ex F. William Harmony of the Divine Attributes in the contrivance of man's Redemption, 4to. Bates was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful and elegant writer among the Nonc6nformist Divines. Archdeacon Sermons on Old Testament iistories, 8vo. Ecclesiastical Digest of all writers of the Church from A.

Antiquitates Rutipinae, plates of coins, ac. This account of the ancient stat otf the Isle of Thanet, composed in elegant Latin, was published by Dr. He came to this country and was intimate with Sir Philip Sidney, and many other distinguished persons. White, for Nevil Simmons, Bookseller, in lFederminster, —. Reasons of the Christian Religion, fine impression of the portrait, 4to. Baxter was the Author of the astonishing number of Works. Glossariuim Antiquitatum Britannicarum; accedunt Ediv. Londini, "A curious'Work. Stephani This leanedgentleman was educated under Budmeus and Masurus, from whom he learnt Greek, in Francis I.

Examen de la Theologie e M. Resurrection founded on Justice; a Vindication in Answer to the objections of the learned Dr. Hody, small 8vo. Dyce, fine portrait, 12mo. Topham Beauclerk, F. Paterson, April, , royal 8vo. Life, by Caroline A.

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RIalsted, portrait, 8vo. Matthew's Gospel, with a Literal Commentary, 8vo. Battista Cola, plate of the tiurder of the A2rehbishop, by Isabella Picini, inserted, thick 4to. Henry II. Sarum, For a notice of this esteemed work, see Retrospective Review, Vol. Johnston, best edition, 4 vols. Lovell Poems, with a Memoir of him, thick 12mo. Pickering, Son of the celebrated Dr. Expedition to explore the Northern Coast of Africa, from Tripoly eastward, in to 22, with an Account of the Greater Syrtis and Cyrenaica, and the Ancient Cities composing the Pentapolis, 22 maps and plates, 4to. Watson highly commends the Works of this Author.

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Parr, portraits of Burke, Fox, and Lord North, 8vo. Londini, The Preface by Dr. Samuel Parr, a fine specimen of Latinity,-see Mr.

Hallam's History of Literature. Bellenden, a Scotchman, dedicated his book, de Statu, to Prince Charles in Parr thought it worth re-editing in Isham, ex dono Cl. Pontificis Max. Romam missi, thick 8vo. Some of these letters, from and to some of the most eminent persons of that time, are dated as early as , the latest, Bentley, A fearful but faithful narrative. Elzevir, "' This work is no doubt a curiosity as the production of a Jewish Rabbi in the 12th Century. Discourses on the Evidences of Christianity, his Hulsean Lectures for , 8vo.

Cambridge, - Supplement to, by Mr. William Stevenson, F. Richard Works; viz. Alexander Dyce, 3 vols. Dyce is a good scholar and a careful editor. Bentley could not have fallen into better hands. Charles Boyle, 8vo. Cambridge, "Best edition of a most valuable work, whioh should be studied by every man who is desirous of forming just notions of Biblical Criticism. Herbert Marsh. Copies have sold from 8 to 10 guineas. Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, by Morier.

Novae Novi Orbis Historise, lib. Calvetonis Opera et Italicis, et de Gallorum in Floridam expeditione, et insigni Hispanorum in eos stevitiae exemplo, Brevis Iistoria, 8vo. Lectures on the Liturgy of the Church of England, abridged from Waldo, 12mo.

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Lectures on the Offices, , and VI. Lectures on the Penitential Psalms, , all by Berens, in one volume. In MS. This is Sansovino's continuation of Bergamo's Chronicle to Orbis Eruditi Literatura a charactere Samaritico deducta, ed. Carolus Morton, M. Morton, who, in , printed an improved edition of the learned Edward Bernard's Table of Oriental and other Alphabets.

There are above distinct Alphabets here. Boyle's house. Annii Commentatione, tomus prior, thick 18mo.

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Temporalem, Contents, Xenophon de 2Equivocis. Manethonis Supp. Ure, plates, 2 vols. Gazzeri, plates, 8vo.

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Mawe, plates, 16mo. Richardson, F. Traite Elementaire de Mineralogie, plates, thick 8vo. Visitation Sermon, at the Cathedral, June 16th, , 8vo. Thesaurus Theologicus; a Complete System of Divinity, 2 vols. Firenze, G. Manni, This is the 2nd edition, not noticed by Haym, who dates the 1st, , but that has not the Dissertation.

Bianchini was a Member of the Academy at Florence. But this copy is valuable on account of having the Autograph of the very learned Hadrian Beverland -thus, " aadriani Beverlandi et Amicorum Lugduni in Batavis, ," in it.

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