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James Blunt - Once Upon a Mind Tour

A new phase of the digs begun in the second half of the 19 th century in accordance with strict scientific methods. Archaeological research is still continuing today with the aim of preserving the remains already found. The ash which suffocated its inhabitants in their desperate attempts to escape has paradoxically preserved to the present day part of the life of this great city, which was once prosperous, bustling with pedestrians and traffic, full of shops, inns, grandiose public buildings, temples and private homes, from the most modest to the most luxurious.

Pompeii Duration 2 hours.

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Tour Description A 2 hours tour includes the major highlights like the Forum, the baths, the Great Theatre, a beautiful example of a Roman dwelling, the brothel, the bakery, the thermopolium fast-food and the amazing plaster casts of the Pompeians. Useful Tips Comfortable shoes are advisable, an hat and sunscreen in summer, water, camera. Utterly frustrated.

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The result being that while we should have been jumping up and down at the news of our album success - instead I felt depressed with the early live shows. It was tough on all of us, when not long after we had to make the painful decision and part with some of our technical crew. Truth is, while we were growing and improving rapidly, not all round us were doing so at the same rate.

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An that is still the reality with Simple Minds. You either grow and inspire.

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Or guaranteed your phone stops ringing when it comes to the next set of dates. In any case, the audiences thankfully did not seem to notice our difficulties and welcomed us throughout the States. Plus, we had the newly great pleasure of having extra talent with us on stage. Sublime talent actually.

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I am of course thinking about the firepower of both bassist John Giblin or Goblin as Mel called him. All was therefore not lost entirely, and more importantly we had some fantastic new songs to play. All of which you can hear on that album that will always be huge part of our story Once Upon A Time. Jim 27th October This colour 32 page tour programme was sold at the first gigs.

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It was bascially an art book, stuffed with Anton Corbijn photographs of the band around New York State. This colour 40 page tour programme was sold during the second half of the tour. It was still an art book filled with Anton Corbijn photographs of the band around New York State, but there were additional shots of the band on stage.

James Blunt - Once Upon A Mind Tour

A deluxe tour programme was produced for the Japanese gigs stuffed full of exclusive colour Guido Harari photographs. This Italian bootleg tour programme was produced for the Reggio Emilia gig. The Total Access pass for the tour reflected the simplistic graphic design of the album. View Sample Itineraries. We had a brilliant time on the Routeburn and the organisation with the huts and transport went like clockwork.

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