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Although there are several violent scenes, there is never the sense that these actions do not disturb the characters. They are haunted by their pasts, feeling guilt over actions that they felt were necessary at the time to prevent a greater evil.

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Toward the end of the novel, Ahmed explores this in great detail with the climactic fight and its immediate aftermath. Characters grow and react to the changes caused by the pains inflicted on them and their desires to alleviate that suffering. Zamia in particular saw some interesting changes in her character as the story progressed.

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She refuses to be marginalized. She is a Protector in more than just name and her fights, her injuries, and her reactions to them are shown just as much as the other two.

Her character certainly is more nuanced and has greater potential for future stories than other Amazonian characters who have appeared in other sword and sorcery stories. These elements, when combined together, make for an exciting read that does not skimp on the implications of the actions done.

Ahmed has crafted a novel that quickly moves from scene to scene, but somehow also managing to explore the characters and settings in vivid, intriguing detail.

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His prose is excellent and his characterizations are well-done. If there were a flaw to be noted, it would be that in a few places, particularly toward the end, the action unfolds so quickly that it was difficult at times to discern what was transpiring. That is a minor concern, as on the whole, Throne of the Crescent Moon is an excellent debut novel from one of the more talented writers to have emerged over the past five years. Expect a review of The Five Wonders of the Danube sometime this month, if time permits. After nearly three years of service, my I had pressed it into nearly around-the-clock service as an ersatz desktop and despite using a cooling pad, it probably overheated from being used so frequently.

Speaking of the latter, it saved me a ton of headaches, as I was able to port over the vast majority of my files due to having done a backup a few months ago. Wished I had done this more often, but there were performance issues issued well, that and laziness. I am a catholic reader. Oh, and thrillers, which I can barely stomach in cinema form and which I choose not to read after a few bad experiences. I find neither label to be a good descriptor of what I like from certain styles of fictional narrative.

It is flawed because there are so many exceptions where do you classify the likes of an M. Want something that is odd and tentacled? Want shapeshifting female fighters who battle werewolves and other creatures? Patricia Briggs can be found two aisles down. Want a complex narrative about self-identity set in a mostly-deserted town with mysterious fog creeping about? To that, all I can do is shrug.

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Each of those differs wildly from one another. I could just as well ignore such a label and focus on the works as being part and parcel of contemporary material culture as a former cultural history grad major, it is still influential on how I view the world and its peoples. I seem to be standing in the middle while so many are pissing off at these component fictional areas that I love that I sometimes wonder if I need to put on a raincoat and use an umbrella to avoid all of these piss streams that are flying past me.

Saw this image linked to on Facebook. Three Messages and a Warning is an anthology of Mexican fantastical fiction. Sometime in the next few months, I hope to have the time to read and possibly review it. These two books will supplement other books of theirs that I already own.

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Some good, weird stuff here. Which ones of these have you read?

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Which would you like to read soon, if possible? Which would you like to know more about? And which would you not piss on if it were on fire? Graham Greene, The Power and the Glory re-read; multi-book review later 2.