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A spinning wheel was used to stretch wool or cotton and spin it into thread or yarn to be made into fabric. The spinning jenny is basically an improved spinning wheel. Spinning wheels only had one spindle for stretching the wool or cotton. The spinning jenny had eight spindles. This meant that the production of thread or yarn could be increased to, quite literally, industrial proportions, at least by late 18th century standards. The invention of the spinning jenny brought textile production into the industrial age.

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June 5, Chad VanRens. The Spinning Jenny.

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S: What have you found to be a serious challenge of running literary journal? CEH: For me, asking for any kind of help is just…ugh. I know that long ago I should have gathered armies of interns and associate editors and readers and social media jockeys, like proper journals do. And yet, incomprehensibly, I do not enlist these people. And yet! Past authors tell me they appreciate being part of something still extant.

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S: Where do you imagine Spinning Jenny to be headed over the next couple years? Are there any changes you foresee taking place in the near future? CEH: I am going to turn over a new leaf and respond to submissions in a much more timely fashion. Swear to god. S: What one or two journals print or online deserve serious props in the eyes of Spinning Jenny, and why should more people be checking them out?

CEH: One or two?! But there are so many wonderful journals.

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