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Thank you, God for providing humorous nature! I live in a senior park with lots of trees and lots of grey squirrels. I love watching from living room chair. They ran as though connected, like a chain, or a train. Around and around they went, up and over the roof, then back again, then leaping onto the big pine branch closest to the roof. I was spellbound. It was like watching synchronized swimming. One of my favorite things has been watching the squirrels out my bedroom window when I wake in the morning. They have just disappeared, and I miss them, and am concerned. Does anyone have any information or thoughts about the sudden disappearance of my little buddies?

The little devil thrived with bottle feedings and a variety of fruits, veggies, and nuts. Even though he loves to run amok on my vanity, eating my Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil and lipstick, urinating on my Lancome lipsticks, and smearing poop all over its surface. I just found my semi-destroyed house deed in a nest he made atop a highboy dresser in our bedroom. He takes the oddest things into his nest; I found one of our Fire alarms in it yesterday. Today he actually opened a drawer of my jewelry chest and pulled out an earring!

I have to say, this little devil Miniboo Tinkerton makes me smile and laugh every single day and I will tolerate his antics and messes because I adore him. To save my sanity, we are now building him a large enclosure in our living room, safe from our cats and dog. I just released Munchie after 15 months I took him away from one of my cats when he was only a few days old eyes closed no fur yes he would take things into his cage i was constantly finding all sorts of things in there whenhe was little i hung baby teethers and bird mirrors and toys for him he lived with 3cats and 2dogs in complete harmony even playing together after releasing him he came back after 8 days and stayed for 3 he was scared by a neighbors lawn mower i nowhavnt seen him in9 days really hope he is ok I have 4 pecan and 3 oaks in my yard really hated releasing but his sitting in the window staring out and his pacing in his outside cage I had built for him was breaking my heart I really miss him and spend my mornings starting in the trees looking for him his 1st release was hard but after he came back and left this time has been one of the hardest things of my life i am heartbroken i miss my little guy.

My little Louie has been gone for 3 days now. He was such a blessing to my little family. The joy he gave us was truly amazing. I know nothing about their returning habits, or if they finally figure out that they are a squirrel.

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He only went outside maybe 5 or 6 times, for just minutes each time. How will he know where to find water and what about our smell on him? He was always crazy about different smells on us. His nest has only been in my bed. Thx squirrel lovers! Any help will be appreciated! Thank you for sharing your comment on Louie.

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I also think that the call of the wild is strong in squirrels. I love feeding and watching back yard squirrels at their box feeder. Will they come back?

I had one that would come up to me and beg for peanuts. Once it took a peanut from my hand- they have very sharp claws. Then it disappeared. That was a few years back. I came here because I was wondering about their eyesight, also. My wife knew some people that always fed squirrels and they would climb right up and get peanuts out of their shirt pockets.

Squirrels have amazing eyesight!!!

YOU are my hero, simply because of your love of squirrels. I, too, am a squirrel lover, also a vegan, also an animal activist. Just wanted to let you all know there is a HUGE squirrel loving community on instagram!!! I definitely suggest looking into them!!!! I have a beautiful sweet eastern gray who just celebrated his first birthday!!! Anyone who takes the time to learn about these amazing animals is sure to find love for them. I really love to see others who love them like i do.

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I have lived in my house for over 12 years and I have two pecan trees that are absolutely full of pecans each year. This year I have terminated the lives of at least 88 squirrels. I feel bad but they have been in my attic of my house causing damage as well. My neighborhood is surrounded by highways. Do these squirrels migrate to other areas as their pack grows? How many more am I going to have to terminate in order to enjoy my pecan tree without feeling bad!

Note to pecan grower in San Antonio; what can I say? In where I went to deer camp the squirrels were everywhere they were so thick they were running across my legs my step dad told me every so many years they swim the lake and r super thick. Carry, this sounds like the squirrel migration behavior I mentioned in the above post number I know deer camps often best kept secret, but would you be willing to tell me what state or area this was in? I have a squirrel that comes to my balcony nearly ever day, and so I started leaving some peanuts before leaving for work in the morning and found them to be gone by evening.

Then couple of weekends back I kept my balcony door open on a Saturday, and kept some peanuts in the balcony and some just inside the door. The squirrel came inside the door and cutely stood there on its hind legs munching down the peanuts one by one. Then, last Saturday I took some peanuts in my hand and stretched out my hand sitting down on my carpet just inside my balcony door. The squirrel came and realized I was offering something so it came near my hand very apprehensive and skittish. First it thought my finger was a peanut so it tried to take that, but realized it was not.

Then, he started sniffing in my palm and found peanuts which he started taking one by one and stood there on its hind legs eating them less than a centimeter from my hand. He is so adorable. I look forward to feeding him everyday, and get tremendous joy and satisfaction when he sits besides me and puts his feet in my palm and eats the peanuts.

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He even licks the peanut crumbs out of my hand with his cute little tongue. At times, he stretches up and looks into my eyes while eating. This fall we rescued a squirrel who fell out of a tree.

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A dog then picked it up and punctured his head,his back legs was ripped open and a big punctured hole under his front arm he was a bloody mess. We fondly named him Crinkle. His brother died overnight, he was the un harmed one, no dog wounds but… Well I got goat milk and fed Crinkle every 2 hours.

He opened his eyes on the great American eclipse so cool, but and experienced squirrel saver I knew he would soon be weaned and then they tend to get nasty and bite. Crinkle does not and has not. He is so sweet and has attached to my husband how fitting both great tree climbers I guess they are kindred spirits.

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I will send you pictures if you send me your e mail. Dear Kathryn, Thank you for telling me about Crinkle, and your rescue and raising of him. Stories like this fill my heart with hope. My email is ToddMitchellBooks at hotmail. I remember a squirrel migration in, I believe, My uncle saw them swimming the Ohio River near Cincinnati, Ohio and called me.

Sure enough in a week we had squirrels everywhere in south eastern, Kentucky. Thanks for telling me about this. The last great squirrel migration I knew of was in Wisconsin in I think —need to look up that date again. Over a million squirrels were recorded as being on the move together at once. We have a squirrel house and lots of feeders. We have numerous squirrels who come daily. What might that mean? They are cute little fur balls but tough and quick at the same time. They will bite sometimes though by no fault of our own.

I was bit once when a squirrel was confused because I offered a small nut after giving it a series of large ones. We LOVE squirrels here!