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Mike Spotterup. Our tyger represents power, beauty, fierceness, revolution, unpredictability, and we ask modern men to challenge conformity just as Blake did against the soul crushing workings of the Industrial Revolution and human labor that stifles man. Release your inner energy against it.

Fight against being a cliche and that means not being earth bound with your thinking. Our illustration has a sword, tiger, moth, olive branch and M4 Rifles. What can you make of this symbolism?

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He must abandon all that he think he knows, those ideas about limitations and permissions, if he wants to start feeling like he's gaining ground and making a killing. Sometimes he must go a different path from the streak.

A Guide to William Blake’s “The Tyger”

Perhaps he must start small before he can envision hunting big game but he must start. He must abandon old ways of thinking in order to acquire new ways of stalking things that will make him a devastating beast in this wild world. Athletic fit and soft fabric. If we are out of stock we will have more products coming in usually NO more than 2 weeks from the date you ordered usually 7 to 10 days. What the hand dare seize the fire? Tyger, Tyger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

And what shoulder, and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart?

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And when the heart began to beat What dread hand, and what dread feet? What the hammer? What the chain? In what furnace was thy brain?

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  5. What the anvil? What dead grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? Tyger, Tyger, burning bright In the forests of the night What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?