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The Commonwealth Games are known as the friendly games and this one is no exception.

They inspire me with their daily commitment to be enthusiastic and applied, getting to venue on time in full uniform ready to go the extra mile in their roles. They work long hours, traveling a fair bit to venues and often in pressurised media roles. Hopefully, through our combined work, the world will see images of the Games and read stories of history in the making! Suzanne Glavin on the 'grassy knoll' during the race walk event.

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And Suzanne is keen to apply some of the lessons she has learned at the Games in her role at the University. Working as an inclusive team, collaborating together to achieve a shared goal, is just the most satisfying, enjoyable, fun and life-enhancing experience.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Help promote the Gold Coast and Queensland to the world?

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Apply now to be a GC Volunteer and help shape the biggest sporting event in Australia this decade. Click here to apply!

We only have 1 more week to get everyone registered, there will not be another opportunity to volunteer to be a sport specific volunteer! Regardless of the age or skill of the athlete, the Virginia Commonwealth Games provide the pure pleasure of competing for the love of sport.

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The Games are more than sports events; they go much deeper. The Games teach values such as teamwork and good sportsmanship, which are important components of everyday life. The Games encourage athletes to develop and improve their physical talent and competitive abilities.