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Yesterday - The Beatles - Connie Talbot (Cover)

The idea for the film originated with writer Jack Barth, but when Curtis heard about it, he threw his hat in the ring to do a version. So as I cruise toward the end of my career, I wanted to do something directly related to them.

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And after Boyle casually asked Curtis if he was working on anything else, the Yesterday script then called All You Need arrived. How were they able to use so many Beatles songs in one movie? All you need is cash.

‘Yesterday’: Inside the Making of New Movie About Beatles’ Music – Rolling Stone

Curtis was told early on that including Beatles material in a movie would be feasible, since the recordings would be covers and not the more expensive and harder-to-license original recordings. Simply to ram home the premise of the movie. We were always going to go for the top 25 in the catalog, the songs on the blue and red [compilation] albums. Did the Beatles have to sign off on the script?

No, but since the film ends with an actual recording of one of their songs, they did have to approve its usage in the scene.

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  • What are his Beatle-fan bona fides? I still have those 7-inch [singles]. The world that Jack wakes up in — the world that has forgotten the Beatles — is the one we live in today. We have forgotten the political revolution of the s, because with the crucial exception of the Civil Rights movement it largely failed.

    Such cultural preferences are now regarded as simply a matter of taste.

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    The Beatles were never more popular than Jesus, as Lennon had infamously claimed in an interview, but by the end of their decade of musical achievement, the Beatles were certainly more popular and in some ways just as culturally influential as Beethoven. Watts shines in this Fox News drama Allen Barra. Will Ferrell takes on "Eurovision" Ashlie D.

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    Log Out. And, although this film can be a bit hokey and uncertain on narrative development, the puppyish zest and fun summoned up by Curtis and Boyle carry it along.

    Patel plays Jack, a useless bloke from Lowestoft who works in a retail warehouse and has big dreams of making it as a singer-songwriter. On evenings and weekends, he and his guitar show up at awful pubs, gigs secured by his superfan, de facto manager and miraculous quasi-Platonic-but-not-really friend Ellie James who has believed in him ever since school when she saw him playing Wonderwall, of all the hilariously quasi-Beatle standards. Jack realises that he is the only person unaffected.

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    He is the only human being who remembers the Beatles songs and can pass them off as his. And so his climb to super-mega-greatness begins. Arguably, the story as it pans out is a bit straightforward: there is no question of, say, some Beatles songs going down better than others in the present day.